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About Network Spinal In The Goop Lab- "The Energy Experience"

The Goop Lab Netflix Series & “The Energy Experience” Episode- Explained 

Have you just watched “The Energy Experience” on The Goop Lab Netflix Series? Are you wondering what on earth is happening with the people on the tables and what the practitioner Dr. John Amaral is doing? Your in good hands, I am a doctor of Chiropractic and I specialize in the energy work and Chiropractic technique of Network Spinal, which was presented in The Goop Lab Netflix Series “The Energy Experience”.

Who is Dr. John Amaral & How Do I Know Him?

Dr. John Amaral is a fabulous Network Spinal doctor of Chiropractic, who has even taught the specialized Chiropractic technique of Network Spinal (previously referred to as Network Spinal Analysis & even before that Network Chiropractic). Dr. John was on staff with the top Network Spinal practitioners in the world for many years, he is a true expert of the energy and Chiropractic work. I, Dr. Joel Dickson have been personally trained by Dr. John Amaral and he has performed his energy sessions on me.

Dr. John has spent an enormous amount of time, energy and effort in the science, art and philosophy of Network Spinal and generally Chiropractic. Dr. John even fly’s on airplanes around the world with Tony Robbins and works with other celebrities to make sure they are getting holistic healing treatments for their mind, body and spirit. On The Goop Lab, episode of “The Energy Experience” Dr. John is seen working with Gwyneth Paltrow and her team.

About The Energy Sessions

Let’s get down to it, what is happening in the energy sessions? To start off these energy sessions are called “entrainments”. Why are they called that? Good question, they are called that because the body, mind and spirit will entrain or resonate with a more congruent version of oneself during and after the session. The benefits of the entrainment are immense.

Dr. Joel Performing Network Spinal On Patients 

Dr. Joel EntrainingDr. Joel Providing Network SpinalDr. Joel Performing Network Spinal

Benefits People Have Received From Entrainments

  • Experience less stress
  • Experience less physical pain
  • Are more tuned in to what their bodies want and need
  • Take less medication, eat better, exercise more, and engage in more spiritual practices
  • Are more engaged, present and connected in their relationships
  • Feel more energized, inspired and alive
  • Are more open, passionate and optimistic about their lives
  • Are able to navigate stressful and challenging circumstances more easily
  • Are less anxious, irritable and depressed
  • Feel more real, authentic and purposeful in their lives
  • Are more inspired to contribute their unique talents to help others

About Network Spinal

Network Spinal (most current name) or the older names of Network Spinal Analysis and Network Chiropractic is a low force and highly effective chiropractic technique. The technique is known to be a very gentle technique, with no “popping” or “cracking” of the spine. The gentle contacts teach the body how to better observe itself. When the body is able to better observe itself, it can connect and release the stress and tension that is being held. This release of stress and tension has an impact-full healing effect on the body. People under care feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Why The “Weird” Sounds & Movements From The People Receiving The Sessions

To start off, I like to use the term “different and interesting” instead of “weird”. Weird is based in fear and “different and interesting” is based in curiosity and wonder. Many things that we don’t understand initially scare us. Our body and mind’s are built this way for survival.

People receiving sessions can make different movement and sounds when being treated, why is that? Like John Amaral stated in The Goop Lab episode of “The Energy Experience” people will release and process emotion in the body by using sound and movement. Sound and movement are how the body’s emotional system process emotion. As John states, most people won’t make these different sounds and emotions because of society constructs and us possibly being judged by others.

Our culture and parents start telling us at a very early age that the full range of our emotional expression is not welcome. For example, if we are upset and angry because we didn’t get something we wanted when we are two years old our parents might yell at us and tell us to “stop being a brat” or they might punish us by putting us in timeout or even worse “discipline” us with physical or verbal abuse.

All of these instances lead to our body and mind to start suppressing our emotions. What ever get’s suppressed get’s “trapped” or lodged into our body. The only thing that will allow this trapped energy and emotion to release will be bringing Awareness, Acknowledgment and Acceptance (AAA) to these patterns. Network Spinal allows one’s body and mind to bring AAA to our suppressed and repressed emotions and experiences. A byproduct of bringing AAA to our body and mind can be releasing different sounds and different movements from our body.

Two Healing Waves Under Care

Two healing waves are developed under care and can be seen on “The Energy Experience” episode. One is a respiratory wave or called the breath wave. When this wave gets developed, people are able to connect and release stress and tension much faster than before.

The next wave is the somato-psychic wave. Somato means “body” and psychic means “mind”; therefore, this wave is a “body-mind” wave. This wave helps us disrupt the not useful patterns that we have in our body and mind. Body and mind patterns get “interrupted” by this healing wave, which then allows the person to express themselves more authentically and in congruence with themselves.

Research With Network Spinal (previously Network Spinal Analysis) 

There has been a lot of research done with Network Spinal Analysis ( Network Spinal & Network Chiropractic). People are getting their PHD’s and Master’s degrees in mathematics, physics and psychology with research related to Network Spinal Analysis and the Network wave. You can read one of the research articles about the Network Wave here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4939370/ .

Research shows that Network gives benefits related to the physical state, mental state, emotional state and quality of life. 99% of people that participated in a year long study with Network said they would like to continue in receiving Network care! That’s a 99% satisfaction rate with Network Spinal Analysis.

Try Network Spinal Yourself 

If you are in or near Northern California (or can get here) I can provide you with a consultation and see if Network Spinal can help you. You can call the office at 916-778-6523 and ask for a consultation or you can schedule a full initial exam and consultation with me by going here: https://calendly.com/doctordickson. If you live in another area besides California, I can refer you to the nearest practitioner near you practicing Network Spinal. Just message my office by going to my contact page. If you haven’t watched the episode on Netflix, here is The Goop Lab, just click on “The Energy Experience” or episode five when logged in to Netflix: The Goop On Netflix

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