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Impulse Chiropractic Technique

About The Impulse Adjusting Method

The impulse chiropractic technique utilizes the advanced impulse adjusting instrument. What makes this method better than old-school adjusting methods? It’s way more specific! The stylus is small enough to adjust the exact spot your body needs and not the surrounding areas that don’t need adjusting. This makes for a more comfortable adjustment for the patient and less soreness after an adjustment. Have you ever felt worse after a typical chiropractic adjustment? With this specfic adjusting method, “feeling worse” post adjustment, in our experience has never happened to a patient utilizing this method.

Impulse chiropractic instrument

Picture of the Impulse adjusting tool

How Are the Results With This Method?

Results are fantastic! We target the exact spot(s) that need correcting in the spine or body, alowing your body to function better and get out of pain.


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X-Ray Changes Are Remarkable With This Tool


Before Care X-Ray

Full spine A-P (front view) x-ray taken at beginning of care

After Initial Care X-ray*

Full spine A-P (front view) x-ray taken at end of initial care

Benefits People Have Received From Care

    • Experience less physical pain
    • Take less medication
    • Recover faster
    • Reduce stress and tension
    • Function better, so you can get back to your life!

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