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Spinal Curve Analysis & Correction

Proper Spinal Curves Are Important For Optimal Spinal Health

Proper spinal curves of the body are essential for an optimally functioning spine and body. Most chiropractors don’t analyze and assess whether patients have ideal curves in their spine (X-ray and proper software is needed to examine this). Even the chiropractors that do take x-rays, most of them only look at the alignment of the body in the forward orientation (A-P), not from the side ( sagittal curves of the body).

At Evolved Spine Chiropractic, we analyze both body orientations, measure your body’s specific curves, and determine if they need correction. 

showing a normal spine curve vs. abnormal

Picture of Correct Spinal Curve (left) Vs Improper

Spinal Curve Correction With The Dennerol Orthotic

We utilize the Dennerol neck, mid-back, and low-back orthotics to correct the body’s sagittal (side view) curves. We measure every new patient’s curves with advanced software analysis and compare your curves to normal to determine if you need correction. 

The Dennerol is very easy to use. If you are a candidate for the Dennerol, Dr. Dickson will show you where to place this on your spine precisely, and you will use it for about 15 minutes a day. 


Patient using Dennerol neck orthoticWoman using the Dennerol neck orthotic

The Dennerol is the only known curve correction device on the market with clinical trials and is used at over 2,500 chiropractic clinics worldwide. The Dennerol is the gold standard for correcting the side view curve changes in the body. 

Take advantage of this critical part of your spinal care. Make sure the chiropractor you choose analyzes your specific curves and utilizes the Dennerol to correct those curves, if necessary.


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X-Ray Changes Are Remarkable With The Dennerol


Dennerol before and after neck x-ray

The first x-ray shows a new patient’s sagittal (side-view) neck alignment with the red line. The green line is normal, where the neck should be. The next x-ray shows the same person on the Dennerol and the neck correction that it produces*.

We Correct A-P (Frontal View) Spinal Alignment As Well


Before Care X-Ray

Full spine A-P (front view) x-ray taken at beginning of care

After Initial Care X-ray*

Full spine A-P (front view) x-ray taken at end of initial care

Benefits People Received From Proper Spinal Alignment

  • Experience less physical pain
  • Function better
  • Take less medication
  • Recover faster
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Eliminate ugly hump on upper back
  • Better posture

What Do Your Spinal Curves Look Like?

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