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Learn about wellness tips and strategies today, to live a healthier and happier tomorrow by reading our Gold River Chiropractic Blog. Are you looking to improve your health, heal or learn more about alternative medicine and therapies? If you are, then this is the blog for you.

Dr. Dickson, the author of this blog is an expert in the field of holistic and alternative medicine. He is a chiropractor specializing in the most holistic chiropractic technique available today: Network Spinal Analysis. His chiropractic office is located in Gold River, Sacramento county. If you ever have questions feel free to post them on the blog or call the office, Dr. Dickson is here to support you in your wellness endeavors.

This blog is not for people that want a quick remedy to “fix” symptoms. Fixing only lasts for the short term and has nothing to do about really healing. If you want to take your mind, body and or spirit to the next level of evolution, then you have come to the right place. Enjoy the blog posts and please send Dr. Dickson your feedback or questions. If you feel inspired by the blog and want to go to the next step, then please make an appointment with our online initial exam discount. More information about what the special includes is located here.

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Pain, An Invitation for Change

Pain, An Invitation for Change

Being in Pain

Health challenges

Are you having health challenges? Have your symptoms been getting worse as time goes on, whether that be headaches, back pain, psychological pain or another kind? With most traditional healthcare approaches, symptom improvements can be seen in the short term, but the long term benefits aren’t as well guaranteed. Why is this? In this article I will explain why most short term cures for pain don’t work in the long term and I will explain what does work for sustainable healing.Trust me, you want to know this because when your pain and symptoms repeat, it often means you haven’t healed in a sustainable way yet and they will keep on repeating for you, unless you do something different.

Let’s use an example for our pain or symptom, we’ll use headaches. With headaches we can take a pill such as Tylenol and the pain will decrease or even be eliminated. This can seem helpful for this one time, but what if you get headaches (or other symptoms) every week, or maybe even every day?

Get to the cause

By taking a pill or using another type of traditional healthcare approach to solve your health challenges usually won’t give you long lasting results. Why? The reason is because when we try to ignore our pain and health challenges, like by taking pain medication, then we are ignoring what is causing the pain. Pain has a secret message of:” Stop, become aware and do something different.”


If pain had a voice is would yell: “STOP!!” Pain is trying to get our attention. People don’t like pain, but it is a necessary tool for the body. Pain is the warning sign that the body uses to make us stop living our typical life, if we keep living life as “usual” then we will cause more and more damage to the body. This is why it’s intelligent for the body to send out a pain signal when we are hurting ourselves, even-though pain does not feel good.

Become aware

The next step after we have stopped, is to become aware of what we are doing. To stop causing further damage to our-self is a good thing, though we need to become aware of how we are causing damage to our-self. Often times we know how we are causing pain and disease in our body, but we don’t really want to know or we don’t know how to make a change. For example, if we are getting headaches almost every day, we know we get them at the end of the day at work. While on Saturday and Sunday we don’t get the headaches. We know we get the headaches because we are really stressed at work. It’s not that we need a pain killer to get rid of the headache, we need to get to the bottom of how we are creating our own stress. Once we take ownership that we are causing our own stress, we get to ask ourself, do we really want to keep doing this to ourself? If we really want to stop (no matter all the”good” reasons to keep being stressed) then we will. Having a chiropractor who does Network Spinal Analysis will make this entire discovery and change process much faster.

Do something different

The last step is to do something different. After we find out how we are causing our health problems, then we get to make a change that allows us to live at a higher level. This is really exciting because this is the gift of pain. “pain as a gift!!??”, you might be screaming right now. Yes, because pain is an invitation for us to take our life to a higher level. After we have found the gift or message that the pain was giving us, then we can make that life change and actually have a life that is more in harmony and in wellness. Who doesn’t want a life in more harmony and wellness? So after we have completed these three steps, we actually get the chance to say: “Thank you, pain.”


Finding the gift in the pain

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Pain, An Invitation for Change

Health challenges Are you having health challenges? Have your symptoms been getting worse as time goes on, whether that be headaches, back pain, psychological pain or another kind? With most traditional healthcare approaches, symptom improvements can be seen in the...

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